Hi Shelli is a place for those who dig connecting to and chatting about all things Pop Culture! It’s broken up into a few parts:

  • The Weekly Bits

    • A bi-weekly post about how my week has been as told through a piece of Pop Culture, along with a recap of what I’ve been watching, wearing, reading, and more!

  • What’s The Weather?

    • A random post where I chat through a moment that made me feel some typa way through a song that helps me get through the feeling.

  • The Rewatch Diaries

    • Watch with me as I do an in-depth look at an old favorite show that has 3 seasons or less. Character breakdowns, cancelation views, the drama around the show, and so much more!

  • Eye Would Like To Talk About

    • My reaction to a piece of breaking pop culture news with space for you to share yours!

  • DVD Extras

    • The quickest and random(est) of bites about very much any and everything. Could be thoughts on a new trailer drop, some behind-the-scenes of a piece I’ve written, or a ranking of something related to Nick Miller—those things live here.

  • Reviews

    • In-depth thoughts and feelings on films and shows! Some are written by me and some are by guest writers that I ab-so-lutely adooreeee!

Hi Shelli is also a space where I’ll publish work from other queer culture writers, emerging and those that are already known! It remains hella important for me (now and forever) to create opportunities for more voices to be heard in the world of culture writing and give them space to grow, and what better place to do that than here!

So money from your $9 monthly subscriptions and donations will also be going to paying those writers very fair rates for their work!

I’m on Twitter, Instagram, and most importantly Letterboxd and if you find me walking around Chicago, boba tea or a Lavender Carmel Iced Coffee is the way to say you dig my work — or you could just subscribe to my newsletter…it all works.

Wanna know more? Writing@HiShelli.com

Cheers Babes <3

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A Detroit-born culture writer, curator & editor. Bylines include Vogue, Thrillist, Architectural Digest, Marie Claire, and many others. She lives in Chicago where she is currently watching “Kath and Kim” on repeat.